The most power-hungry mobile apps

The battery is one of the aspects of smartphones that many people worry about the most. No one wants to be out of touch or constantly worry about having to replace the battery by opening the case and parting with a decent amount of money. We are constantly thinking of different ways to reduce power consumption and increase battery life as soon as the device is turned on.

This is very difficult, though, given that all apps drain the battery and communication takes even more charge. Nevertheless, due to poor optimization and for a number of other reasons, some apps are more energy-consuming than others.

We’ve analyzed how popular apps consume battery power, and we’re ready to share that knowledge with you. But before we go any further, we would like to advise you on a really great Bitcoin tumbler that you can use even from smartphones and tablets.

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Which apps consume the most battery power?

Our team came across some rather interesting research conducted by Artezio. If their data is to be believed, TikTok, YouTube, Google Maps, Uber, Netflix, WhatsApp, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Twitter, Gmail, Google Chrome, Amazon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, and Adobe Photoshop Express were the most battery consuming utilities. If you have one of the above apps, think three times about whether you want to find an alternative to it.

Low battery

How do you avoid draining your battery quickly?

To avoid being suddenly without a connection, all you need to do is monitor your apps’ power consumption and turn off the ones that waste too many resources, especially when you don’t need them. Many of the above-mentioned utilities cannot be fully uninstalled from your smartphone, as they are included in its firmware.

However, if you do not use them, you can disable them. To do this, simply click on the shortcut of the desired application, select from the menu that appears a section with detailed information, and through it, suspend the functionality of the application. This applies in the case of Android. If you want to disable the app on iOS, you will need to go to the tab with the expanded settings.

But that’s not the only way you can extend the life of your smartphone’s battery. Here are some effective and proven (by our team, too) tips on how to make your battery last longer:

  1. Charge your phone more often – it should be done whenever possible, even if the process takes only a few minutes. The method of fully charging your smartphone after it has been deeply discharged is detrimental to the battery, so you should try to keep your phone above 50% charge.
  2. Do not charge your smartphone to 100% at a time – this will reduce the capacity of the battery and shorten its life. It is best to remove the device when the charge level reaches 98%. Leaving your smartphone on until it is fully charged will wear out the battery faster.
  3. Don’t leave your device charging overnight – lithium-ion batteries allow modern phones to be unplugged in a timely manner. However, as mentioned above, it’s still not a good idea to charge your phone to 100%.
  4. Properly handle the battery – it is not recommended to actively use the device while charging because it causes a lot of damage to the battery. You should also avoid prolonged downtime of your smartphone without charging.

The battery of your smartphone is an important thing that you should be saving if you want your device to live a long and happy life, and you would not have to replace anything in it.