Applications for travelers: Rothenburg Town History Museum

Suppose you ever wanted to touch another age and at the same time plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday. In that case, you should visit the Rothenburg of Bavaria and its narrow streets, which are covered with cobblestones, half-timbered houses, numerous towers, gothic temples, and, of course, an inimitable Christmas museum. This will show you where acquaintance with old age is possible.

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Town History Museum

Even though this fantastic city abounds in museums, it is a museum itself. It was built in the Middle Ages. Today, Rothenburg has preserved its pristine appearance in many features of its street. Everything is original there, and the World War II bombing did not cause significant damage to the city. You can hardly find one building there after the 14th century. As soon as any traveler gets into Rothenburg, he immediately unwittingly feels the spirit of the age-long over.

You can see the streets of Rothenburg from the height in case you walk on a medieval city wall. However, guides begin to get acquainted with this city with the Market Square at the city hall according to a long tradition. You can meet the party right here. Costumed performances often take place there, which are related to various celebrations and the city’s historical past. However, if you do not have any opportunity to watch such a show, we advise you not to be upset because you will surely see such a show on another day. It happens pretty often there.


Every hour from 11:00 to 15:00 and from 21:00 to 22:00, the pediment of the “Gentlemen’s advisors” tavern (the building next to the town hall) shows something interesting on the right and left of the city clock. There, two windows open, and you can see the scene where the Nusch Mayor drinks a massive cup of wine, and the Tilly Army Chief nods his head. It is believed that Tilly did not destroy this city for one reason, and this was a condition that the mayor fulfilled. He had to drink all the wine from the four-liter cup, which was almost complete.

Churches and museums

In this city, there are a lot of churches. One of them is near Market Square. It is a graceful church of Saint James, executed in Gothic style both outside and inside. The pictorial paintings and sculptural images in the temple’s interior are admired by every traveler close to them. You will surely get the same vivid impressions of being in this place.

The bronze statue of the pilgrim stands in front of this church. Rothenburg is a city in which one belief exists, which says that if you make a wish and rub the finger of this traveler, your wish will surely come true. This pilgrim index finger, which has become polished over the years, indicates that this belief exists. At the same time, every traveler should independently ascertain how true it is.

Rothenburg contains many museums with very unusual names and expositions. The most famous of them is the «German Christmas Museum.» It is the reason that this city has another term, such as “Christmas Town.” This museum will show you five thousand different colorful exhibits. There is also one little tradition that says you should not leave the museum if you have not already bought at least one of the toys for memory.

We assure you this is a good tradition as any Christmas decoration you buy will remind you of the holiday atmosphere for a long time. You will get this feeling after visiting this beautiful German city called Rothenburg. At the same time, numerous photos will make this visit unforgettable, depicting sights from the Middle Ages.