Chile landmarks and attractions

The length of the country is quite large, so the number of attractions is also rather high. They are very diverse and differ from each other because even the climatic zones are different here. The natural beauty is amazing because the landscapes in Chile are also the most amazing. Here you can see mountains that are covered with thick snow, intersecting with deserts or dense forests. It is a feast for the eyes of a tourist when he comes to these parts. But it’s better to look through everything in advance to plan your trip.

Christ of the Andes

There is a territory that separates Argentina and Chile, and this is the place where a monument dedicated to the Human Redeemer was reared. The thing is that at one time there was a risk that a war would start between the countries due to the division of the border. But the real peaceful solution to the conflict was the opening of this monument. Then the inhabitants of both countries came and accepted a peace agreement. And if a tourist does not know what to see, first of all, he must go to the Christ the Redeemer of the Andes.

Easter Island

Every person fond of traveling heard about this piece of land. It is famous for stone statues made from densely compressed ash placed here. All eyes face the ocean, and this is not surprising, because the statues are displayed along the coast. It should be said right away that statues have a wary look, although it is this feature that attracts a large number of tourists. Every year it is customary to arrange a holiday here, but even without it, everyone will be delighted with the place.

Lauca National Park

Someone can be surprised by this name, but in fact, nothing is surprising here, because the park was named after the Forest Reserve back in 1970. The endless steppes, the foothills of the Cordillera ridge immediately catch the eye. It is not at all surprising that such beauty was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Those who have been here before insist on setting up a small tent in the park and then meeting a gorgeous sunrise. Do not assume that the park is famous only for such features because there are a lot of various interesting sights that attract tourists. Of course, there is a chance to make unique photographs against the background of this or that cultural monument. It is best to explore every nook and cranny with an experienced guide.