Prepare to travellings: resources for downloading APK files and sightseeing

World attractions are not just places or objects that deserve your attention. They have great artistic value and are always the historical heritage of mankind — that is why they are of great interest to people and why States maintain their status of inviolability. On our planet, there are many different sights. In this article, we will describe for you the places that are most popular among travellers.

The most significant places on our planet

  1. The pyramids of Egypt. These ancient structures contain many unsolved mysteries in the shape of polyhedra. They are the most famous architectural monuments of the past. These giant structures were built more than four thousand years ago and were intended for the burial of powerful pharaohs. Even modern scientists cannot find an exact answer to the question of how these mysterious pyramids were built. There are many versions that were built by aliens from other planets or even ancient gods.
  2. Colosseum. Many people have given this place this name because it is one of the most recognizable Italian architectural monuments. It is also one of the most visited sights in the world. This ancient amphitheatre is located in the heart of Rome. Two millennia ago, this object was really huge. That’s why it has such a majestic name as Colosseus, or “huge”. Once upon a time, when most buildings were less than ten metres tall, the walls of the Colosseum seemed like real skyscrapers. But the special value of the amphitheatre is not even in the size of the object, but in its historical and cultural significance for the history of the development of human civilization.
  3. The Sahara Desert. This dessert can really surprise us with its dimensions. The site covers more than 8 million square kilometres, representing one-third of the entire African continent. In this desert area, there is no one river and there is no water there, except for tiny oases.
  4. The Eiffel Tower. We can safely say that it is the most recognizable tower in the world. It is located in the French capital and annually gathers millions of tourists. This metal construction was named after the architect. Interestingly, the site was originally intended to be a temporary structure for an international exhibition. The tower was so popular that for more than a hundred years it has been considered a calling card not only for Paris but for all of France.
  5. The Reichstag. It’s a famous building in the German capital, Berlin. In 1999, this building got a new name, and now everyone knows it as the Bundestag. Millions of tourists come to see this place every year from all over the world. It attracts the attention of travellers due to its large history and unique architectural structure.
  6. Manhattan. This is a small neighbourhood that many people call the heart of New York City for a reason. The island is home to the offices of major companies and commercial and cultural establishments.
  7. The Statue of Liberty. It is a lighthouse that is considered the second tallest in the world. This giant sculpture is located on Liberty Island, in Upper New York Bay. For more than 100 years it has held its torch and met all those who enter this harbour.
  8. The Western Wall. It is located in Jerusalem and is the most important shrine of the Jewish people. The wall is a surviving fortification that Herod the Great erected near the Temple Mount.

There are many other interesting places on planet Earth. Of course, it will take a lot of time, energy, and money to visit each of them. However, you can easily learn interesting information about the main architectural and historical monuments on the Internet. For example, you just need to download Windows apps, and then, in one moment, you will be able to download all mobile applications you need free of charge, which will be useful not only for your travel but also for listening to music, watching movies, reading books and other fascinating activities.