Review at massage app free forYou

Is there anyone who never wanted to have their skin tender, nice and healthy forever? But to achieve it, you should regularly see a beautician and follow lots of advice for skin care. A studio, which understood the difficulties it includes, designed a massage app free called forYou.

Who was forYou designed and what for?

To have nice dermis it is not enough to get it genetically. You should also do regular exercises for skin care and massage your dermis. Only after constant attempts to look after your health the skin will get a decent look regardless of age, and the reflection in the mirror will delight you every time.

Thanks to forYou all the willing will have an opportunity to master a set of simple and at the same time effective massage techniques, through which it is available to stimulate subcutaneous muscles and bodyfat. If you download free android app, after some work with foeYou you will get a few changes such as:

  • no face swelling
  • a better skin texture
  • tightened up cheeks
  • oval-shaped face

The plans, which are available after downloading apk for android, were created by professional beauticians. Don’t forget to practise regularly to have noticeable results in no time. You can count on a good effect if you make time for self-care, at least 15 minutes per day. The designers promise that following the plan you will definitely see your skin getting better in 3 weeks.

Avoid seeing a plastic surgeon through skin and muscles trainings. You will no longer need to take electrical massage and unpleasant and costly procedures like face lifting or lymph drainage. Also there will be no need for botox injections which are quite harmful and painful. Instead all the things it is better to do regular face fitness with forYou, doing simple exercises for tightening up the face skin.

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App features

In the beginning the utility examines your dermis condition and wrinkles on it through augmented reality elements. After it you get a set of exercises which take 15-20 minutes per day.

Having cured the skin and made it better you can launch slidescan app to take some commemorative slideshow.